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7 Premium Sleep Podcasts
400+ total episodes
3 special videos

Free Month
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Get FREE access to all 7 Premium podcasts (400+ episodes) for 1 month!

  1. Calm History Bonus podcast (8 episodes & more coming!)

  2. Sleep Whispers Archives podcast (280+ episodes)

  3. Sleep Whispers Bonus podcast (70+ episodes)

  4. ASMR Sleep Station podcast (52 episodes)

  5. Sleep With Silk: Extended Nature Sounds podcast (52 episodes)

  6. Sleep with Silk: Extended Background Sounds podcast (30 episodes)

  7. ASMR University Bonus podcast (5 episodes)

  8. *Full details of all of these podcasts* --> [Silk+ Bundle]

Who is eligible?

  • Any new Silk+ Member (sorry, current or prior members are not eligible)

What happens during the free month?

  • You will have full access to each of the 7 Premium podcasts listed above!

  • This includes 400+ episodes and the 3 behind-the-scenes videos!

  • Cancel before the end of the free month and it won't cost you anything!

    • FYI, once you cancel you will also lose access to all of the premium podcasts.

What if you want to keep having access after the first month?

  • Don't do anything after your free month and your access will automatically continue.

  • You will be charged $5/month at the start of every month after your free month.

  • Cancel anytime to stop the $5/month charge.

    • FYI, once you cancel you will also lose access to all of the premium podcasts.

How do you get free access to all 400+ episodes for 1 month?

  1. Go to the [Purchase Page]

  2. Scroll down to $5/month

  3. Select [Buy for self]

  4. Click "Add coupon"

  5. Type or Copy&Paste the coupon: firstmonthfree (all lower case, no spaces)

  6. Click "Apply" and it will show a deduction of $5.00 ("-$5.00")

  7. Enter your name, email, payment info

    • Reminder: You won't be charged anything if you cancel before the end of the first free month (full access will also end).

    • FYI: Information about your Security and Privacy can be found here: [Your Security & Privacy]

  8. Click "Place Your Order"

  9. Go to your email inbox and open your receipt email from Silk Studio Podcasts.

  10. Follow the instructions inside the email to access all the premium podcasts and 400+ episodes!

Done! Enjoy all your new premium podcasts!

If you need help with accessing your new premium podcasts, or, have any other questions, start by going to the [Access & FAQ] page for detailed instructions.

That page also includes my email address at the bottom in case you still need further assistance.

I hope this is helpful. Harris 🙂

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