Silk+ Expo

Discover a hidden gem on the internet.

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What is the new Silk+ Expo?

It is a NEW and EXTRA benefit for my Silk+ members!

This is a place for my Silk+ Members to showcase their website, platform, or other site.  I even promote these sites in the audio portion of some of my public episodes, and in the episode notes of all of my new Calm History & Sleep Whispers episodes.

Each site may be a business, hobby, organization, content creation site (eg, blog, videos, images, audio, etc), or social media site (eg, Instagram, Facebook, X, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.).

Scroll down to explore and support the special sites of my Silk+ Members!

(Note: Scroll to the bottom for instructions to include your site on this webpage)

Patty Lyons Knitting

About: The home for Patty Lyons patterns, classes, books and more.  
Operated by Silk+ Member:  Patty.      
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Leaner Meaner Senior

About: An empowering site for seniors to live healthier, happier lives through engaging resources, expert insights, and community support.  
Operated by Silk+ Member:  Teresa.      
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The Cozy Apron

About: Recipes that resonate, inspire connection, and warm the heart. 
Operated by Silk+ Member:  Ingrid.      
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Daily Happiness Memes

About:  Daily Happiness Memes in Portuguese to promote 'Our Daily Action', a section of the 'Action for Happiness' calendar. ( 
Operated by Silk+ Member:  Edson.      
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Want to join the new Silk+ Expo?

If you are a Silk+ Member and want your website/platform listed here (for FREE!), then send the following to Harris at