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Calm History

The Bonus Podcast

*NEW* Calm History: Archive Episodes [Podcast]

Examples of prior public episodes that are now in the Archives Podcast:

Calm History

The Bonus Podcast

*NEW* Calm History: Bonus Episodes [Podcast]

Examples of Current Bonus Episodes (each longer than 30 minutes):

Sleep Whispers

The Archives Podcast

Sleep Whispers: Archives [Podcast]

50+ Whisperpedia episodes:

Whispered readings of Wikipedia pages.  Fall asleep as you learn about Lucid Dreaming, Bob Ross, History of YouTube, Sleep, Easter Island, Hockey Miracle, Cashmere Goats, Lochness Monster, Klondike Gold Rush, Miracle Fruit, Chinchillas, Pyramids, Black Holes, Gilligan’s Island TV show, Computer Keyboards, Deep Sea Life, Planets, Outer Space, Burning Man Festival, Melatonin, Table Etiquette, Mythology, Gene Simmons from Kiss, Dodo Birds, Marco Polo, Komodo Dragons, Buddhism, Drums, Dwarfs, Black Mirror TV show, Roller Coasters, Salt, Diphtheria Sled Dog Miracle, Failure of New Coke, Protective Armor, Time Travel, High Altitude Survival, Santa Claus, Dog Behaviors, Jackie Robinson, Dreams, Hamilton the Musical, Life of Pirates, Phoenix Five Prank, Carnivorous Plants, Penguins, Les Miserables Backstory, Stonehenge, Animal Deception, Dinosaurs, and more.

30+ Tuck In and Fade Out episodes:

Each episode begins with a guided relaxation and then continues with a special fade-out that is usually done at a slower pace than the other episode types.  Fade out to guided meditations, guided imageries, lists of soothing words, rhythmic poems, focused surveys, catalog browsings, recipe readings, and more.

40+ Story Time episodes:

Each story is carefully selected and edited to be interesting for adults and safe for children.  Enjoy curious short stories by L Frank Baum (author of The Wizard of Oz), Hans Christian Andersen (author of The Little Mermaid), and other authors.

20+ Trivia Time episodes:

Listen to interesting questions and answers.  These episodes are best for overactive minds that need a strong distraction from their own stressful thoughts.  Each episode has 30-40 trivia questions.

20+ Acorn episodes:

Short episodes with suggestions for you of my favorite TV shows, movies, books, podcasts, and more.  Each episode ends with an inspirational quote.

30+ Chat episodes:

Hear me ramble about podcast updates and share listener feedback.  If you like hearing about behind-the-scenes stuff and feedback from other listeners, then you will enjoy these episodes.

40+ The early Menu episodes:

I did the early episodes as mini-variety shows.  Each episode was a combo of short experimental pieces, like a mini-chat, a mini-fade-out, a mini-whisperpedia, a mini-story, and other things I tried.  I later developed the most successful portions of these early Menu episodes into the current single-focus episodes today.

Sleep Whispers

The Bonus Podcast

Sleep Whispers: Bonus Episodes [Podcast]

Bonus episodes:

Sleep Whispers

The Videos

Sleep Whispers: Behind-The-Scenes [Videos]

All My Equipment (100 minutes): A video tour of all the gear I have purchased while evolving the quality of my recordings.

“After watching his videos I can say that Harris is not a geek, he is the king of the geek. He is a kind of Indiana Jones looking for his Holy Grail: the perfect whisper. It’s amazing how much work, time, effort and money he puts into this quest. It is what it takes to make great art like he does.” – Sylvain

My Recording Space (22 minutes): A video tour of my delightfully cozy and sound-optimized recording space and gear.

“I LOVED IT! I enjoyed seeing the ingenious ways that you used everyday items to adequately soundproof and cleverly equip your space. Your space was so cozy that I could even see one going in there to meditate or pray or just to get away from it all! You have gone to quite a bit of effort in order to make your podcast excellent and it shows. The acoustics are hands down, second to none!” – Monica

My Production Steps (57 minutes): A video tour of how I edit out bloopers and noise, add the intro music, convert the file, create the show notes, and publish the episode.

“Wow!! I have a new appreciation for the podcast. Harris more than met my expectations in his comprehensive audio production video. I really got great insight on the inner workings of Sleep Whispers.” – JJ

“I wish everyone could see this video. It truly gave me insight into the amount of work and time that Harris puts into each Sleep whisper episode! It is also well-produced. I could tell that he spent a LOT of time and effort accomplishing this. Thank you Harris!” – Monica

My Crazy AV Cage (8 minutes): A weird cage that I invented for recording podcasts, videos, and any other type of digital content.  Expect to be bewildered.

"I like all your videos and frankly admire your skill in building the AV cage. The voice man is also a handyman! Kudos!" - Cortiano

ASMR Sleep Station

Original Podcast

ASMR Sleep Station [Podcast]

About this podcast:

The ASMR Sleep Station podcast launched on November 9, 2014.  It was the first fully whispered podcast and an inspiration for the Sleep Whispers podcast (launched in 2016).  You can even hear Harris mention this podcast in the first episode of Sleep Whispers and in later episodes of Sleep Whispers.  

Each episode of the ASMR Sleep Station is narrated in a gentle, whispered voice to help you to relax and fall asleep.  Episodes include whispered ramblings and whispered readings.

The podcast was discontinued on Nov 8, 2017, and is no longer publicly available on Apple Podcasts and other podcast platforms (see explanation below).

About the host:

The host of the ASMR Sleep Station podcast never shared his identity publicly. In his later episodes, he shared that he had a developing health condition that was going to impede his ability to continue making more episodes.  Harris reached out to him via his podcast email to offer condolences and share how the ASMR Sleep Station helped him to sleep each night and to inspire the creation of the Sleep Whispers podcast.

These two hosts have kept in contact with each other over the years, and you can even hear occasional health updates of the ASMR Sleep Station host on the Sleep Whispers podcast.

In 2021, the host of the ASMR Sleep Station granted permission to Harris to share all the original episodes of the ASMR Sleep Station here.

Enjoy falling asleep as you listen (or relisten) to these historical episodes of the first-ever whispered podcast.

ASMR University

Bonus Podcast

ASMR University: Bonus Episodes [Podcast]

Learn all about ASMR:

Bonus Episode 1: The key events in ASMR History (~2 hours)
Bonus Episode 2: The key people in ASMR History (~2 hours)
Bonus Episode 3: The key science in ASMR History (~1 hour)
Bonus Episode 4: Others describe their ASMR feelings (~1.5 hours)
Bonus Episode 5: Others explain what triggers their ASMR (~1 hour)

About these bonus episodes:

15 episodes from the ASMR University Podcast have been batched together into specific topics to create extended episodes for falling asleep.  Intros and outros have also been reduced so you can enjoy more content and less chatter.  

Each episode is narrated in a calm voice to help you to relax (later episodes are narrated more slowly and gently than the earlier episodes).  

Enjoy falling asleep as you learn all about the bizarre and blissful world of ASMR.

Sleep  With Silk

Extended Nature Sounds

Sleep With Silk: Extended Nature Sounds [Podcast]

Nature Sounds include:

Stream over rocks, cat cleaning itself, hiking a gravel trail, birds cawing, rain dripping and birds singing, ocean surf at a jetty, a small waterfall, birds at a seashore, cat purring, trickling stream, ocean surf, hypnotic echoes of water drips, a small pond at night, rain on an umbrella, backyard fire pit, Lake Ontario at night, birds in dense trees, stormy day at the beach, starry night with crickets, rain downpour with thunder, wind around house, birds on a windy beach, rushing stream, and howling wind with drizzling rain.

About these extended episodes:

The 1-Hour versions are ideal for falling asleep and the 8-Hour versions are perfect for all-night comfort.

All intro music, voices, ads, and commercials have been removed so you can enjoy 100% pure nature sounds for relaxation and sleep.

Sleep  With Silk

Extended Background Sounds

Sleep With Silk: Extended Background Sounds [Podcast]

Background Sounds include:

Floor fan, ceiling fan, small fan, white noise, brown noise, industrial hum and white noise, industrial air conditioner, dehumidifier, blow dryer, electromagnetic pulses, voices outside a factory, construction site, jets over a beach, cars on a brick road, and clanky train ride.

About these extended episodes:

The 1-Hour versions are ideal for falling asleep and the 8-Hour versions are perfect for all-night comfort.

All intro music, voices, ads, and commercials have been removed so you can enjoy 100% pure background sounds for relaxation and sleep.

Silk+ Private Posts

Message Board for Members

Silk+ Private Post Message Board [Messages]

Titles of some prior posts include:

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