Silk+ Videos

Your generous support has granted you access to my Silk+ Private Videos!

Enjoy these behind-the-scenes videos about my podcasting operations.

Now, don't expect the cinematography skills of Emmanuel Lubezki.
Who is dat?!  A wonderful man who knows his way around a camera.
He won 3 Oscars for Gravity, The Revenant, and Birdman.
Google him...or just watch for his name during the next Oscars/Academy Awards.
I once had a 30-minute phone chat with him.  Super nice guy.
OK, enough shameful name-dropping, scroll down to watch my shoddy mini-films. 

!!NEW!!  *My Crazy AV Cage* (8 minutes)

*My Recording Space* (22 minutes)

*My Production Steps* (57 minutes)

*All My Equipment* (100 minutes)


Once you have finished viewing any or all of these videos please feel free to email me your feedback/thoughts about any of them. 

I would love to share your feedback about the videos on the podcast and/or on my website.

Thank you, Harris 🙂